Spring ’09 Seeds


~ 1 tsp of carrot seeds, mixed Touchon and Nantes left over from Spring ’08, beside the wintered bed of Round Baby Romeos.


5 Tomato P. Borghese
5 Chard Mangold Witerbi
5 Chard Orange Fantasia
2 Wild Cosmos
2 Cornflower
2 Coreopsis
2 Indian Blanket
2 Sweet Alyssum
25 Beet Gourmet Blend


12 more Tomato P. Borghese (for sundrying)


16 Leek Broad London (American Flag)
5 “Wa Wa Tsai” Chinese cabbage


15-25 French Breakfast Radish seeds inside Snap Pea supports
20-30 Romeo Round Baby Carrots seeds in front of Snap Pea supports


16 Gourmet Blend Beets
6 Straight Eight cucumbers 


6 Costaluto Genovese heirloom Tomato


~50 Walla Walla Onion seeds that were a gift from the folks at Blue House Farm
12 Bush Beans Roc D’Or Yellow Wax

Things that made it into the garden while I wasn’t recording between January 31st and April 1st. (Gotta do better with this list next year!)

French Filet Bush Beans, Rolande
Broccoli Raab, Super Rapini
Cantaloupe, Blenheim Orange
Spaghetti Squash, Pasta Hybrid


Compact Winter Squash, Early Butternut
Asian Carrots, New Kuroda 
Fresh Soy Beans, Edamame 
Japanese Spinach, Oriental Giant
Radish White, Icicle 
Lettuce Mix, Mesclun


Bunching onions, White Lisbon


Wrinkled Peas, late producing, Pisello Rampicante, Telefono

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