Supporters & Wish List

The Dirt to Dinner program is growing rapidly with the help of many volunteers, organizations and non-profits.  Special thanks to everyone who made the 2009 program possible, including our generous donors at Seeds of ChangeThe National Gardening Association Seed Donation Program, Territorial Seed Company, the generous and helpful folks at Bauer Lumber, Victory Seed Company and Mark Lassen at Lassen Construction. The 2010 program is already enjoying the support of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and Naturalyards. You can help too.

The program is currently in need of:

Composting worms

Horse manure (composted or fresh)

Scrap 2′ x 4’s and other building materials

Chipper/Shredder (donated or loaned)

Plant supports/cages/covers for Fall and Winter growing

Aged compost or compostables: fall leaves, pet litter (rodent/farm animal), coffee grounds

Wood chips (not redwood), straw or other materials for mulch

3 thoughts on “Supporters & Wish List

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  2. Hi,
    I am the friendly neighbor on a walk that spoke to you about being impressed with your garden projects. I think it is a great idea to inspire the next generation to work with their hands. CA is a great place to grow vegetables.
    Nice meeting you.

    • Thanks for your support, John! It’s good to meet you too. I think the kids are having a great time learning to grow their own food and I love sharing the garden with them. Let us know how things are growing at your house. And if you have any ideas for keeping crows away from peas or squirrels from digging up carrots–please share!

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