March Garden Tour

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Today I created a new Voicethread tour of the current state of the Dirt to Dinner garden:

You can compare it with where we originally started here:

I love Voicethread and can’t wait to get the kids started making their own. I set up the whole class with accounts today and am looking forward to seeing what they will share. It will be a wonderful way to bring their home gardening projects into the Dirt to Dinner classroom.

Voicethread ideas:

  • Sharing information on the microclimate where students live
  • Comparing how various growing projects do in the garden vs. at individual students homes
  • Creating a chronicle of a growing project, the process of composting, development of a plant from a seed, etc.
  • How to do something from the project such as pot-up a tomato plant or make your own carrot tape
  • Show how you prepared a recipe from the project for your family 
  • Create your own!

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