Dark Days Stir Fry


Roman BroccoliTired of all the rich holiday food and desperately in need of a fresh vegetable, I grabbed an empty dish pan and headed out into the garden this afternoon to see what I could find to turn into dinner. The first thing I pulled were some nice fat rutabagas. I’m hoping to re-purpose they bed they are growing in very soon so I wanted to use them up anyway.

Next to the rutabagas there was a very nice head of ‘Romanesco’ Broccoli growing. I have been watching this plant carefully because I’m not entirely sure how to tell if it’s ready to eat or not, but I was more than happy with the size so I figured it was worth a try.

Next to the ‘Romanesco,’ there were lots of side-shoots on my regular broccoli, so I collected those. I picked through the snow pea vines and found half a dozen pods that were ready to eat. In search of more variety and color, I pulled some bright white ‘Tokyo Market’ turnips and several different kinds of carrots, ‘Yellowstones,’ ‘Romeos’ and ‘Nantes.’

Inside again, I diced and sliced the vegetables, including the turnip greens, and tossed them into a skillet with olive oil and a red onion left over from burgers my husband cooked a few nights ago. I added a few dashes of white wine vinegar and tamari and covered the pan to steam everything. When the vegetables were almost done, I tossed in diced jerk smoked pork chops hubby cooked on New Year’s Day and stirred it all together for a few minutes before calling it done.

Simple. Fresh. Very satisfying.

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