Tossing Ideas in the Air to See What Lands

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What is going to work to share the garden space?  What are the goals of this project?

  • Raise healthy food that will be used for cooking, preserving, sharing and eating.
  • Learn and understand what the natural processes around growing food are.
  • Help urban bees by creating a small haven and possible nesting site.
  • Make use of the land resources around the house that are now essentially empty.
  • Bring people together around the space and the projects.
  • Provide welcoming outdoor space for independent projects kids want to do.

What are the current resources available?

  • Aprox. 100 square feet of raised beds under cultivation.
  • Lots of garden books and materials around the house.
  • A desire to grow more food and eat more seasonally and locally.
  • Smart bunch of homeschoolers with some energy.
  • Smart Nature instructor with great energy and experience with Life Lab, etc.
  • Life Lab
  • San Diego Master Gardeners
  • California School Garden Network

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