A View of the Garden


http://voicethread. com/share/ 323777

If you want to take a quick look around the garden to see what has wintered over and what is already starting to poke it’s head up in the Dirt to Dinner garden, the Voicethread link above will give you a chance.  

Cabbage and Califlower

Cabbage and Califlower

One of the students interested in the class has already watched the video twenty times!  I can’t wait to get that enthusiasm into the garden.

Monday the folks from Getting Going Growing will be visiting to see if they can share garden planning tips with us. I’m sure we have a lot to learn and am really looking forward to their visit.

2 thoughts on “A View of the Garden

  1. Hey Julie,

    I loved your slideshow on Voicethread. I wanted to leave a comment on there but could not figure out how for the life of me. Good thing you have this blog! I decided to feature your slideshow on my blog because I feel that gardening is a great way for people to understand important weather and biological cycles. Also, homegrown food just tastes better, has much less of an impact on the earth, and is fun to plant and watch grow.


    • Thanks, Cameron! We love getting kids out into the garden and hope what we are doing will inspire lots of people to enjoy the garden with the whole family.

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