Class Concept Draft #1

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From Dirt to Dinner:

An Exploration of Food, Science and the Natural Rhythms of the Kitchen Garden

Join us for a garden-centered, hands-on program learning about food, seasons, life cycles, cooking and nutrition.

Dirt to Dinner will encourage participants to explore full food systems (“seed-to-table”) through both individual and group projects such as compost chemistry and physics, bee gardening, botany trails, preparing healthy meals for families affected by illness, nature journaling, heirloom seed saving, food preservation and creative projects of the participant’s own design. 

The goals of the program include allowing participants to

·         Increase understanding of ecological principles

·         Develop an appreciation for where food comes from and how it is grown

·         Experience growing, preparing, eating and sharing healthy, sustainably-raised food

·         Integrate ways to enjoy healthy, sustainable living

·         Make smart choices about food and resources


Group Size       ~6-10 kids with 2-4 adult volunteers

Meeting in Santa Clara near 280 and Lawrence Expressway

10 weekly garden meetings, February thru April, along with three or four related field trips (Soil Farm, UC Berkeley Urban Bee Gardens, Ceres Project, Blue House Farm.)

Input and suggestions are welcome!

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