Thoughts on Storing Seeds

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class-1_seedscatterThe piles of seeds for Dirt to Dinner have predictably gotten messy and disorganized. But last night I read a great idea for organizing seeds. When you plant some seeds from a packet, you take the remaining seeds and you store them filed away based on the month when you need to plant them next. If I am planting lettuce each month, I plant my May patch and slip the remaining seeds into the June section so that when June all-too-quickly rolls around, I know what I am trying to find room to plant next.

Lee Valley Seed Keeper Kit

Lee Valley Seed Keeper Kit

So now what I need is some way to sort and store the seeds in twelve sections, since we are either planting outside or starting seeds inside for Dirt to Dinner during every month of the year. Lee Valley has an elegant solution, as always.

But, since this is the year of “Make Due with What We Have” at our house (and many others, I’m sure!) I think I will try to find some similar binder pages and use my cool recycled Dirt to Dinner decoupage folder to hold them. I was also thinking it might be worth while to experiment with CD holder sleeves too. They wouldn’t have the cool zippers to hold the seeds in, but they are kicking around the house somewhere and they might be a good size for seed packets.

Seed Organization--for Now!

Seed Organization--for Now!

What I ended up with, for now, is a nine-section container with two months per section, a spot for things that are ready to be started outdoors, a spot for things that are ready to be started in-doors under the lights, and a section for things that can be planted here pretty much year round (and stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else.)

We’ll see if it keeps me organized. At least I can see what needs to get done next and when things should be planted. And if anyone reading this is looking for Mother’s Day ideas, the link to Lee Valley is ;-)

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