Beans, Squash, Stakes and Sunflowers

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Great Sunflower Project

Great Sunflower Project

Yesterday was a busy day in the Dirt to Dinner garden.  A number of our pollinator flowers got moved into their permanent homes in the front garden area.  The vegetables will now be able to benefit from the attracting powers of Cosmos, nasturtiums, bee balm, blue basil and sunflowers.

And the Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds which recently arrived from The Great Sunflower Project are now planted. Yesterday the Scarlet Runner Beans and Sugar Pie Pumpkins that are part of our two test Three Sisters gardens were tucked into their mounds and are hopefully germinating right now in the heat. If heat is what they want, we certainly picked the perfect day to plant them. It was nearly 100 degrees yesterday and it’s at least 95 today.

Tomatoes at the Stake

Tomatoes at the Stake


The peas and the broccoli are unhappy, but the rest of the garden seems to be loving the heat. We’re layering in the mulch wherever we can, to help conserve moisture even though the local watering restrictions excempt food gardens–so far. We also added drip irrigation to the kids’ big growing bed this week, to help make even better use of the water the garden receives. And we are thinning and adding supports in the garden to make more space and also to allow the taller plants to help cool the plants below them who appreciate it on hot, sunny days. These tomatoes offer some much needed shade to lettuces, beets and carrots planted around them.

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