Wednesdays – Education You Can Eat

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Where does our food come from? How does it grow?  How does the way we grow food affect us, and the world around us? What is sustainable farming? What can we grow ourselves? How do we cook it? And, especially, how does it taste?

Education You Can Eat is a garden-centered hands-on program about food, nature, life cycles, cooking and nutrition. The program encourages participants to explore full food systems (“seed-to-table”) through both individual and group learning such as compost chemistry, bee gardening, nature journaling, botany experiments and cooking and preserving the harvest. Click here for a tour of the garden.

The program will meet on Wednesdays from 10:00-1:00 in the garden in the Santa Clara/Cupertino area starting April 28th, with a possible field trip to Full Circle Farm or Veggielution by arrangement with the group. (A June 9th Olivera Egg Ranch Tour will also be a wonderful addition to what we will be learning.)

The lead instructor for the program is Mackenzie Price, with assistance from, Joanna, a UCSC intern, and Gardener Juli. Parent participation is welcome and encouraged.

We have five spots available in the Wednesday program for kids working around the 2nd-4th grade level in Science. Please let us know by email if you would like a spot for your child. Send your message to dirt2dinner at gmail dot com.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!

Frozen Veggies Anyone?

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Frost on the Vegetable GardenLast night we experienced a record low in the Dirt to Dinner garden and this morning we woke up to lots of frost on the vegetables. I’m very curious to see how our winter vegetables respond. Many of the varieties we have growing are either ‘frost tolerant’ or ‘frost hardy’ and I bet you last night will tell us which ones are which! It’s also officially time to put all the ‘tender’ plants into the compost pile except for the one tomato we are keeping under row cover and anything we want to try growing under glass for our winter experiments. I just picked some really nice snow peas yesterday, maybe this morning I can find some frost peas to go with them. ;-)