Making Hay

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Obviously the Rainy Season is back.  But man we got a lot of good gardening in while the weather held. The peas have started off strong.  Now I just have to hope that nobody eats the plants before they can grow any peas.  That’s what happened to the Fall crop I tried in back.  I really should find some way to cover them or at least mess with any birds or squirrels who might try. We’ve been letting the dog into the front yard at odd intervals to try to keep things unpredictable.  

The grow lights in the garage are up and in use.  The grow light on top of the refrigerator is still our best bet for germination, but once things sprout they should be cosy enough under the big light in the garage. It gives off a little bit of heat and it’s not drafty there.

Cabbages, califlower, and broccoli are all in and doing fine so far.  Not a lot of growth but you can tell that they are establishing themselves slowly.  We have two different stages of spinach going right now, both the plants that over-wintered, which are starting to bush out and are about ready for us to start picking, and the seedlings that I just set out last week, which are doing OK in spite of the now-foul weather.

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